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I have googled away searching for the homeschooling Mama that had made these cards and posted them on her blog…no luck.  I would love to give her credit, so let me know if you stumble upon her.

Roan and I collected grocery flyers and food labels throughout the year.  Cut and glued the pictures on index cards.  Printed the word for each on, and finally laminated them the other day.

The idea is for the cards to be the shopping list.  Give Roan the cards,  have him help find the items at the store when we shop, and receive some letter/word recognition at the same time.

Once a child is reading the cards can come into play again.  Pull what you need for your shopping list and have them practice their spelling and penmanship by writing the list from the cards.

We punched holes in the corner so the cards can be slipped onto a ring for carrying.  At home they’ll live in a metal index box we thrifted and spray painted.


Thanks to my friend Shannon’s Dad for the use of the XYRON machine.  What an awesome thing.  If you aren’t as lucky to have a friend with a laminating machine, Kinko’s will laminate or you can purchase sheets.


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