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My home is a disaster.  Everyone is sick.  So I sat down and put together my quilt top for some sanity.  I’m hoping this fabulous Halloween weather will hold so I can get some photos outside tomorrow.


I ended up adding a row to make it square.  This will actually be the first quilt I’ve ever made for myself.  I’m looking forward to cuddling up on the couch with it.  Mine all Mine!


So this week it’s time to stitch the rows together to finish the whole quilt top!

I pin the intersection of the blocks only when I piece the rows.  I pull a bit if needed to help them through and line them up.  I’m going to be lame and not reinvent the wheel with a tutorial of stitching the rows together, there’s plenty of info out there and I need to get ready for Trick-or-Treating with my little SQUID MAN!

Be thinking of your quilt backing, that comes next week.  I’m thinking some of the new Amy Butler, this one is perfect.

Happy Halloween!


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When I contributed my photos and bio to Amy Butler’s Inspiration Gallery included in her new software, I wasn’t expecting such generosity on her end.

One of the samples I’ve been waiting for has been her organic line of sheets that she designed for Welspun.  The company producing the sheets has some problems keeping track of things on their end, and after much patient waiting (and I admit it, some nagging) I received my samples.  The blue and green couldn’t be any more fitting for my home.

But wait, I got Pink and Orange…and in Full…so no review based on how they look on any of the beds in our home.


I need my Irish Sister-in-Law flown in to iron them.  There is beautiful edging all around the duvet.  My favorite bit, besides the organic softness of 400 thread count is that the duvet is reversible.





So let’s just pretend this is my incredibly clean home, and my Sister-In-Law had flown 13 hours to iron my sheets and her pajamas (I caught her doing this once) before she climbed in for a slumber.


My plan now is to cut them into bits and make the Bento Box Quilt in orange and pink.  How perfect, I have backing, binding and some to add to the quilt top.


Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

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DSC_0091I love this print.  In Black and White by Michele D’Amore for Marcus Brothers.  I’ve just ordered more from Quilting By the Sea.  It is a great “almost solid” for patchwork.

I used it in this patchwork pillow that I made my friend for her bridal shower.


Wanna join the Sunday Swap Group?  My Sunday Swap is some Robot Flannel by Springmaid.  Come on, you’re thinking about Winter projects aren’t you?  These Robots are adorable and I was finally able to find more on E-bay.  They are about 4 inches or more in height and make the most adorable pj bottoms.  This is almost 3/4 yard.


Looking to swap other children’s flannel.  I’m open to suggestions.

We’ve got the Northern Irish side of the family here!  Loads of fun with the kids.  Happy Sunday.


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I’ll come up with a button here in a few, but would you all fancy the ritual of a Sunday Fabric Swap?   Maybe added into your post for the Sunday Stash?  Just give the photo,  the quantity, and what you’re on the hunt for.

I created a Flickr group here.

I’m all over THIS fabric swapping Flickr group.  Thought something less obsessive for me, like a once a week thing, could fit into my computer time perfectly,  AND keep me focused more on life.

Sorry, I’m out this week due to my SOLO vacation to New Mexico (insert “YEAH” here.),but if you are in, I’ll try my best to compile a list of Bloggers who are all about it.

Happy Hunting!


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Occasionally,  fleetingly, I feel that I need a daughter.  But, only to have someone to sew this cute Mendocino fabric into frocks, and such for.  Thanks, but one boy (currently having a dragon battle in the sunshine patch in the living room) is plenty.  I’ll borrow the girls.

I bought a ton of the Mendocino line in batches when it was released.  I’m a huge fan.  It’s fueled me creatively through a few Christmas gifts, plus some birthdays.

Now it’s Rose’s Birthday.  Some detail of her pillow, pictured at the top of the post.

Apparently, her Far Far Away line is the last for a bit (due to contract issues).

Hope you all got a bit of sewing love in for the weekend.  My Stepping Stone quilt is coming along and I hope to have some photos up this week.  Off to make biscuits!

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Here’s another Sunday Stash, and some sewing highlights of the week.

How could you not love this print.  The colors are splendid and I knew I needed some.  For once I actually bought fabric with a project in mind, pillows for the kitchen bench.

As a matter of fact, I even bought the wonderful Amy Butler fabric on the opposite side with pillows in mind.  How’s that?!?  I so wish both of these would be reproduced in quilting fabric, as well as the Nigella line that my ironing board and all the pillows in my living room are covered in.

I believe this photo will appear in the new Amy Butler Program that will be out in May.

So really I should maybe do a ritual of a Friday night post.  This is what my sewing night was like with no kid and the happy hubbie glad to have the laptop on his own for a few hours…so romantic aren’t we.

I don’t know about rotary cutters and margaritas, but I keep it on the right hand side of the sewing table…out of the way in case there are spills at least.

I made some progress on my dear friend Kara’s quilt.  It is still evolving, but some cohesion is happening.  I need to get myself together, and order some Kona from Pink Chalk Studios to come clear on its direction.  BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Carolina Chambray solids, then you NEED some.   I was so excited that Kathy at Pink Chalk started carrying it!  It’s what I used in this quilt, that so many have inquired about.  It adds depth and texture to any project.

In fact, I used some of the mustard in my fourth bird block today for my “Flock of Birds” quilt I’ve been working on.

I was a little hesitant to use smaller bird fabric since my intention was to do all the blocks in a log cabin style with the bird as the center.  I thought they would get lost.  But messing with values really can make anything work.  I love it.

Some of the fabric combo was inspired when I was looking at The Gentle Art of Domesticity last night in bed.  I love it when inspiration just strikes you!

Awful picture, but that makes four.

It’s been such a wonderful weekend for my family.  I feel so lucky.  My thoughts are with my friend who we lost this day.  I will miss you just popping by for a beer and a chat on a warm Seattle evening.  We wish you would have stuck around…but I know that life was painful for you in a way that I will never understand.   I hope, and wish you are at peace.

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Finishing up Katy’s Block reminded me once again of my fondness for all the bird fabric that has been popping up.  I had showcased for Sunday Stash some of the bird fabric I have in my stash, and was happy to add a bird scrap from Katy’s leftover stash to my pile of birds.

For awhile now I have been wanting to do a Bird Quilt.  I’d admired quite a few on Flickr.  I liked the idea of an improv scrappy log cabin block with a bird center.

I finally sat down and put together the first block.  I like its outcome.  The purple bird fabric were scraps from a friend that passes them on, and most of the other scraps are from swaps, little of my own really.

I was thinking this will be my Nothing But Scraps Quilt.  We’ll see if I can stick to it.  I had cut a bunch of birds out originally for another project that never was fruitful, so sitting in my scrap bin I would think qualifies them as scraps.  I do like to dive into my stash though, so it might not work out for me.

I was ambitious to think I would get to another over the weekend, but worked on a wedding quilt instead.  I am in communication with another quilter that has the same love of bird fabric and we are on for a swap!  Perhaps more this week.

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