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My Grandmother was Irish.  When she passed my mom cooked for my Grandfather daily.  He was German.  I’ve eaten my lifetime supply of cabbage and potato dishes, so I’ll opt for my favorite Irish Soda Bread recipe in celebration of the date.  This, however, doesn’t mean I won’t eat my weight tonight in cabbage soaked in white vinegar at my host’s house.

The recipe is from Saveur Magazine’s March 2001 issue.  I’ve always baked it in a butter cast iron with a little more flour mixed in.  I like Golden Raisins in it, but forgot to put them in this loaf.

My first memory of baking it was before a road trip down to Tucson from Flagstaff.  Not sure why I chose Soda Bread.  It certainly doesn’t invoke thoughts of the desert, maybe it was St. Patrick’s Day and I just have no recollection.

Other Greens I’m Loving:

*Here’s my new favorite easy easy easy Green Pasta recipe from Dishing Up.

*Here’s my new favorite Green Quilt.

I also thought it a fine day to photograph the green fabric in my stash, since, of course it would be at the end of my rainbow.

Fat Quarters:



And the yardage:


What’s at the end of your rainbow today?


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