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I’ve been wanting to change my blog name for quite some time.  My original name of Metrosupial Designs was so appropriate for making baby slings and living in the city.  Then I experienced sling burnout, and moved onto Willy-Nilly for lack of any other light bulb moments.  Willy-Nilly seemed fitting for my flitty way of moving back and forth between interests in my sewing.  Moving your whole blog to another name provides your mind with ridiculous thoughts like, will anyone move with me and why do I care?

My graphic designer/ wonderful family member George of Warp Graphics provided me with my awesome logo for Metrosupial Designs.  It’s pretty fun to work through this process and George’s first example for my new name, Sew Katie Did made me laugh, so I’m putting it out there.  Too morbid?  Just funny.  It will be interesting to see it’s evolution, and if anyone will join me at my new site.



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My home is a disaster.  Everyone is sick.  So I sat down and put together my quilt top for some sanity.  I’m hoping this fabulous Halloween weather will hold so I can get some photos outside tomorrow.


I ended up adding a row to make it square.  This will actually be the first quilt I’ve ever made for myself.  I’m looking forward to cuddling up on the couch with it.  Mine all Mine!


So this week it’s time to stitch the rows together to finish the whole quilt top!

I pin the intersection of the blocks only when I piece the rows.  I pull a bit if needed to help them through and line them up.  I’m going to be lame and not reinvent the wheel with a tutorial of stitching the rows together, there’s plenty of info out there and I need to get ready for Trick-or-Treating with my little SQUID MAN!

Be thinking of your quilt backing, that comes next week.  I’m thinking some of the new Amy Butler, this one is perfect.

Happy Halloween!

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When I contributed my photos and bio to Amy Butler’s Inspiration Gallery included in her new software, I wasn’t expecting such generosity on her end.

One of the samples I’ve been waiting for has been her organic line of sheets that she designed for Welspun.  The company producing the sheets has some problems keeping track of things on their end, and after much patient waiting (and I admit it, some nagging) I received my samples.  The blue and green couldn’t be any more fitting for my home.

But wait, I got Pink and Orange…and in Full…so no review based on how they look on any of the beds in our home.


I need my Irish Sister-in-Law flown in to iron them.  There is beautiful edging all around the duvet.  My favorite bit, besides the organic softness of 400 thread count is that the duvet is reversible.





So let’s just pretend this is my incredibly clean home, and my Sister-In-Law had flown 13 hours to iron my sheets and her pajamas (I caught her doing this once) before she climbed in for a slumber.


My plan now is to cut them into bits and make the Bento Box Quilt in orange and pink.  How perfect, I have backing, binding and some to add to the quilt top.


Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

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