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Remember WAYYYYYY back in the Winter I talked about this project and my photos?

flyerlarge-1(Photos by David Butler and used with permission of Electric Quilts.  You can click on the image to see some of Amy Bulter’s projects that will be in this software!)

Amy Butler’s collaboration with Electric Quilts will be out May 15.  Included, from my understanding, is a photo gallery showcasing some sewing done with Amy Butler’s fabrics by “normal, everyday sewers.”  Some of the photos and projects featured will be from Your’s Truly!

Does this woman ever sit still?  I’ve also heard through friends that have met her that she is actually a very nice person to boot.

It’s kinda come full circle.  I’ve always been surrounded by fabric, because my Mother always sewed.  But, it was Amy Butler’s fabrics that first enchanted me to the fabric buying world and sewing, and onward to a passionate part of my life.

Now all I want her to do is release the Nigella Line in quilting cotton.


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