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I got paid to sew a pillow today.  I’m so happy!

Ok, ignore the pillow for a minute and the poor quality of the photo.  See what it looks like outside?  I always thought that going back to work in Seattle meant I would need coffee and a slap by noon…but Sarah really put thought into the lighting at her shop Fabric Crush.  It really shows the true color of the fabric (unlike my photo) and will likely keep me from Seasonal Depression.

Cross your fingers I’ll learn how to take better photos in it someday.


One of the wonderful things about working at her fabric boutique is coming up with lovely fabric combos all day long.  I loved the Anna Maria Horner dots with the new Amy Butler Love.  And while I was taking the photo I noticed how lovely the bolt the pillow is sitting on looked with the Carolina Chambrays below.

So much fun!



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I made my deadline and finished the wedding quilt. I won’t even go into the details of my mess up on the edging. It’s fixed and looks great. I was so pleased with the outcome. I quilted it with a simple stitch in the ditch around the squares with variegated thread. As I was sewing the edging to the flannel backing the batting got puffy and soft. If you’ve never worked with Carolina Chambray I highly recommend it. The depth of the color is amazing. I wanted to keep this for myself and am a little bummed I didn’t have time to get some fabulous pictures of it on the gingham covered hay bales they had for seating by the river.

Halloween weekend was spent in a whirlwind. Jeffrey and I met up in Phoenix from separate locations, drank some wine and soaked in the warm air with out a child in tow.

Friday we headed to our friends ranch on the Verde River for their wedding. After a filling dinner of Navajo Tacos we pulled out the sleeping bags and solidly slept till dawn.

The day was beautiful. I was able to take a brief run on the dusty warm dirt roads and then frosted my first wedding cake!

Sunday I was home. Hard going from the nice warm desert in Fall to November in Seattle.

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