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My favorite quilt so far.

My scrap bins were a bit out of control. One night I started cutting 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 rectangles from them.   I was fairly new to quilting, and needed a simple design to challenge my skills of meeting up corners.

After a few evenings of cutting scraps, I purchased Last-minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, and saw this picture of a color wheel.  I was fueled in a new direction than just random placement.  Design is my favorite part of quilting, so I really enjoyed the process of this quilt.  I liked how the off-white made the colors of the prints pop, and the coin quilt construction gave me an opportunity to showcase some wee bits of favorite fabrics.

I had to cut into my stash for a few to really make it work, but stuck mostly to my scraps. After a few late nights of cutting, rearranging, drinking beer and watching too much HGTV, I had it placed and ready to piece. The back is a flannel green dot by Amy Butler that is in the Charm Collection I believe.

Now it is in the possession of this wee cutie pie. Wanna make your own, but don’t have overwhelming scrap bins. Try Purl Soho’s Colorwheel Fat Quarters, or Etsy for some scrap bags.

There has been such a wonderful response to this quilt on Flickr.   It is certainly my most “favorited” quilt on Flickr.  I formed a Colorway Quilt Group.   If you create a Colorway Coin Quilt, I would love to see it!  I hope to make a larger one someday.


Thanks to Park City Girl for putting together the Quilt Festival 2009.  It has been wonderful to see the quilting/blogging community’s quilts on display, and see new quilters I hadn’t know about.  Some people are so clever!  Just click on the icon if you wish to see more!


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Remember WAYYYYYY back in the Winter I talked about this project and my photos?

flyerlarge-1(Photos by David Butler and used with permission of Electric Quilts.  You can click on the image to see some of Amy Bulter’s projects that will be in this software!)

Amy Butler’s collaboration with Electric Quilts will be out May 15.  Included, from my understanding, is a photo gallery showcasing some sewing done with Amy Butler’s fabrics by “normal, everyday sewers.”  Some of the photos and projects featured will be from Your’s Truly!

Does this woman ever sit still?  I’ve also heard through friends that have met her that she is actually a very nice person to boot.

It’s kinda come full circle.  I’ve always been surrounded by fabric, because my Mother always sewed.  But, it was Amy Butler’s fabrics that first enchanted me to the fabric buying world and sewing, and onward to a passionate part of my life.

Now all I want her to do is release the Nigella Line in quilting cotton.

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I’ve been rolling ideas through my head for the Cottage Quilting Bee.  I have sorted through my stash,  tossed around a few ideas, and this one seemed to stick.

I wanted a final product that would be cohesive.  Plus, I wanted to use up fabric scraps and move them out.

Each of the 18 members is about to receive a bag full of scraps.  The fabrics in each bag will be monotone, but a menagerie of prints, mixing values and scale.

There will be six block colors in the final product:







I figured this would be skill building.  A chance to work on making seams meet.  The finished 12.5x 12.5  block containing a nice layout of light, medium and dark fabrics.

My thought is to sash the blocks in muslin or a white.  I always like how that makes the colors vivid and pop.



Now’s your chance to buy yourself a 2.5 x 2.5 square quilting block template.  If for any reason you can’t afford this or find one, please let me know and I will mail it to you.

I use a rotary cutter to cut from the scraps.  Some scraps might contain a multiple of colors.  Cut an interesting piece that contains mostly the color you were assigned.

You will need 36 squares.  Six rows across and six down. 

I tried to include 36 different prints, but a few color groups might have to use one or two duplicate squares.  Please feel free to grab from your stash as much as you want!  One square of solid in the color is fine.


Tips for lining up seams:

I find Denyse Schmidt’s directions for piecing rows very helpful, if you need any guidance.  She irons her seams for rows alternatively to one another (i.e. first row seams to left, second row seams to right).  I find this makes the seams “match” when it comes to pinning.  I prefer it to open flat seams.  Do what works for you though.

I do pin on a diagonal and don’t remove my pin until the needle has connected the both blocks at the seam.  Not sure if that makes sense, but here’s a picture.  I will lift my presser foot, and pull fabric to manipulate the matching of seams.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

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I’ve been slowing moving away from the babywearing period of my life.   At this point, I haven’t carried Roan in a carrier, for about the same amount of time that I did.  Moving on, includes my business, Metrosupial Designs.   I’ve grown, sewn and maintained it for nearly five years.

Where does the time go?

When it came to the beginning of the year, when everyone displays their mosaics of finished projects, I felt a little inadequate.  It’s true.  It didn’t take long for me to snap back to MY reality.  To remind myself that much of my creative energy had been focused on my sling business.  Custom crafting a product for an individual takes A LOT of energy.

The impressive mosaics that I saw inspired me.  I wanted to branch out creatively, and for myself.  Producing the same thing over and over, had… well,  just got plain jane vanilla.

Regardless, here’s what I was sewing in 2008 for Metrosupial Designs:

Not so bad, eh?  I don’t know if I’m totally finished making slings or teaching classes, but I’m taking a break.  It was so enjoyable to help all the families I had in my classes.  Find carriers that worked for them, AND be blessed to teach such an enthusiastic bunch.

I will have two irons still in the babywearing fire: I will continue volunteer teaching in the New Moms Groups at Swedish Ballard, and my friend, Sarita, of Sarita Star Designs, and I, will hopefully have a pattern out in the Fall for those wishing to make their own slings.

So, moving forward.

Some of the personal 2008 finished projects.  I have not included the finished quilt tops under my bed.  Most here were gifts.  It was a pretty good year.

I just look at this too and wonder, where does the time go?

Metrosupial Designs did have a little milestone this year though.  I was recently contacted by the author Rena D. Grossman, who has written a babywearing board book entitled, “Carry Me.”

Rena was looking for photos depicting babywearing, and wanted to use my photo that is at the top of this post.  Rena’s publisher, Star Bright Books, look rather impressive in the quality their books’ content.

Kinda exciting?!?  I look forward to my copies.  It’s the small things that can make you feel that you’ve contributed positively, and it’s ok to step away for a bit and just BE.


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Roan and I made the rounds this weekend.  Two birthdays and a baby shower.  Luckily, one said no presents (huh?).  They didn’t know they could have a lovely pillow for their child rather than a piece of plastic.  Cousin Sam is a space boy.  I probably would have been pushing it to do two Saturday morning anyway.

By the time we finished with party number two at the gym…I was done.  So glad I had said I would make some easy goodies for the Baby Shower to follow the next morning.  Did these Easy Peanut Butter Cups.  I had to go old-fashioned, but if you have a microwave they will take you no time at all.  I used left over Valentine muffin papers and sprinkles as toppers instead of chopped peanuts.  Perfect for a girl baby shower.

I had purchased this fabric on sale at Joann’s.  I loved the retro birds, but was so reminded of my own room as a girl with the little rosebuds.

My sister-in-law and I spent some time together making some receiving blankets.  They are large enough for swaddling and so useful.  When I was pregnant I thought my mom had gone crazy with all the receiving blankets she kept making me.  I was clueless about spit up and blow outs.  So they just seem the easy, soft thing to make.  It also satisfies the urge to buy that cute reasonably priced flannel that Joann’s has sprinkled in here and there.

Everyone loved the fabrics and wanted one for themselves.  I was pretty pleased.

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The fabric world has me thinkin’ it should be “Year of the Bird.” For me it really started with Joel Dewberry’s Aviary line, but then I began seeing birds EVERYWHERE.

But I’ve always had a thing for birds, Herons in particular and I actually see Owls on the canal when I run, so with it popping up in fabric…you can only imagine.

This is a Japanese print. That’s Roan’s Miss Lilly peeking out of her snug ride .

Lots of Pillowcases, they make the best presents. Tutorial link here.

I especially enjoy the whimsical variety and am a huge fan of flannel. So when Joanns came out with the flannel, I armed myself with coupons and bought a ton.

Both pillows are made with owl fabric from Joanns.

And of course the typical receiving blanket. Double sided in flannel love.

Towels for a friend that shares her cabin on Whidbey Island with us. She’s a big bird lover.

We even nest with the birds.

Can’t afford to buy yourself some bird fabric? Just make an owl with what you got!

Now do you believe I’m obsessed?  Hmmmm…maybe a Bird Quilt…or a quilting bee?

P.S.  When are they going to do some Herons?

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I was recently approached by Electric Quilts to submit photos of my projects using Amy Butler Fabrics.  Apparently they are doing a project with Amy Butler and wanted to add at the end a slideshow of sewer’s inspiration.

I spent some time over the holiday digging around in my iphoto (which is in desperate need of some clearing) and came up with my favorite projects.

Of course, missing are my kitchen curtains…who thought it would ever be so hard to take a good photo of curtains?

Here’s probably as close to a picture as I’ll get.  Your welcome for a cuppa tea if you really want to see them.

Why I never bought more of that Sunbloom pattern kills me.  I have one itsy bitsy square left in my scrap bin.  Maybe I should make a covered button out of it.

I love the wonkyness of this quilt.  It was quite a mix of her fabrics.

If you plan on getting married and have a shower, you can pretty much bet your going to get some dishtowels.

Then there’s pillows, which has pretty much become a joke at the house.  We now have plenty.

Kinda makes me feel I’m fueling her empire.  And if that isn’t enough…did you notice the cloth that my ironing board cover is made of?  Yup,  Amy Butler too!

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