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::I’ve Moved!::

Please come visit me at Sew Katie Did!  Any links changed to my new domain would be greatly appreciated!  I’ll get to updating mine and adding new friends in the next week.

Hope to see you there!



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::Bits of the Weekend::

Where does the weekend go?  I’d make a great old lady shut-in…but I’d just sit, sew and drink tea rather than have bad drawn curtains and smoke stains.  Hell, if I live to 87 I think I’ll start smoking for kicks.  It will only be about $30 a pack by then.


My little bits blocks for the talented Aleena of Comfort Stitching are coming along (if you get a chance go check out her fabric designs!)  I won’t hide it, I’ve always despised making house blocks, but I think I’ve finally figured them out.  My problem all along is that I was over thinking them.

I went improv with bits from the red and blue scraps bins.

4022303923_215abcd1ba(2)This is when I really enjoy having my bulletin board wrapped in flannel for a mini design wall.


And then we ate:


We’ve had a weekend of fun with Pumpkin Prowl at the Zoo and a very exciting Sounder’s game, but everyone isn’t feeling 100% around here today.  We were in desperate need of some comfort food.  I re-adapted this favorite cauliflower recipe tonight and changed the original post to its modification.  I generally cut the whole head of cauliflower in bits and put half in the freezer to make cauliflower augratin.

Not only did I clean my scary bathroom this weekend bu I got my rows together for my Value Quilt.  Tomorrow I have my standing “sew date” with my friend Noelle and will sew together my rows.  I love how it’s turning out.

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How are you all getting on?  I don’t know if I get the hang of this Kindergarten/Work thing, it really cuts into your sewing time.

This week we are going to iron and square up our blocks.  Then you may play with your arrangement.

I love what I call my “lap board” for this next step.  The one in the link is a bit bigger, which would be nice and free shipping today only.



It’s an ironing board on one side and a cutting board on the other.  Our next step is a bit time consuming, and boring.  I like to catch up on some TV whilst I do it and this little contraption is perfect.


I like to cut the chain apart getting rid of all the threads and then iron the squares to set the seam before cutting them in two.  Certainly you could iron the squares while still chained first.

I iron my seams open.  I have also done it to the side.  I suppose there are arguments to each system, just do what works for you.


If you are perfect you can skip this step.  I find squaring the blocks to be the most time consuming of the whole process.  Taking the time to do it will make all the difference in your corners meeting.


Like the picture above, line the diagonal line of your template up with that of your block.  You are going to square up the first two sides of the block.  Try to place the template close the first two edges.


This next step is a bit difficult to explain, but the picture above shows the line-up.  Now that you have two clean edges, place the template so that the measured corner of the template is on your cleaned squared corner.  Pay attention that the diagonal of the template and block is still lined up and cut the other two edges clean.

I bring my original 6 inch squares to 5.5″.  You will be so pleased when you have a neat pile of perfect squares!

Now you can place with the placement of the blocks on your wall and see what you like.  Next week we’ll sew rows.

Happy weekend!

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I’ve always been an admirerer of Alexander Henry’s prints.  I thought of it instantly when my friend Linda in Santa Fe asked for aprons for her catering company.


Some of these prints have been hanging out in my closet for quite sometime.  Waiting for the perfect coordinating fabric.

Let’s see.  We’ve got some Kleo, Apples and pears, Candyflower, Very Berry, Corazones, some cloud print I’m not sure of and Yen Rose.  I backed most of them in the versatile Diamond Eye.


I am keeping the Apples and Pears/Downtown dot for myself.

…and I have been wanting to make myself one with this print since I set my eyes on it.  I paired it with Amy Butler’s Martini Dot in Orange.  LOVE.  Now I am officially sick of making aprons.


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I joined another quilting bee named Ten Make Two.  The Bee is hosted by I’m a Ginger Monkey (Katy). I think this bee is rather genious.  You use your own fabric rather than mailing back and forth.  Often,  I get an idea in my head for the block I want and I can’t make it because I lack the lengths, widths, or values I need.  Having my own fabric to choose from cuts back on this frustration.

I love Lululollylegs block.  She picked the Bento Box Quilt.  She, as I, was inspired by Pink Chalk’s Bento Quilt.  I’ve had the pattern for ages and had been collecting pink and orange fabric to produce a similar quilt.  Easy enough to whip up some requested orange and pink blocks!

The first I used some fuscia too:


The values contrasted nicely in this block.  The next I went a bit lighter in value.  My top left didn’t quite have the contrast that I needed to make the square shine.  I could have used a bit darker value, but it’s still lovely and just needs to be placed next to something solid, or way lighter or darker in value to make it pop.  I was able to use it as an example of contrast (value) in my class last night.


Regardless, the blocks were super easy.  I’m a bit addicted to this pattern I think.

For you fabricheads out there, I bought some out of print Cake, Rock, Beach waves and dots on clearance here.  Five dollars a yard!

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Poor Roan feels so let down that he can’t go buy toys for his friends for their birthdays.  The pillows are really for their mother and my friend.  Her boys have the most adorable Pottery Barn Robot Sheets on their beds.  I always want it for Roan when I see it.

This is my first time actually quilting the patchwork.  I didn’t do too much, as it was well passed my bedtime, but I would like to do it for an Improv class project and needed to give it a try.


I included the age of the boys on each pillow.  I was hoping this would keep them from being attached to one pillow over the other.  Aiden’s age on the front and some other sweet fabric details.




Emmet’s age is on the back with a light wale corduroy in blue.  I finished this one with an invisible zipper.  If you have never tried an invisible zipper, don’t fret, they are sooo easy to install.


Aiden’s I used corduroy and an envelope closure.  I always line them with muslin that I serge on.  It really makes them a nice weight.

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::Making Progress::

All the rectangles now have a print border.  One I had to seam rip off.  It was just too dark and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Now to add another solid border to each and keep it to size I have to eliminate one rectangle.

This is what happens when you don’t have a plan I guess.  I do like uneven numbers better though.

Here’s a few.

Have a good weekend.

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