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Hope everyone had some time in the week for a little catch up and to muck about with their designs.  I left my camera at work, so we’ll have to make do without photos of this step, but I think it will be easy enough to envision.


We’ll sew our squares into rows this week.  I sew my squares across, you may prefer up and down, it makes no difference.

If I had my camera I could show you how much the design POPS when the rows are sewn.  I was seriously impressed, as I was a bit uncertain about this newer to me design.

What is important (to me at least) is matching the ends of your squares so that your points look crisp and your rows line up.  Some people pin, I simply match up my squares (right sides together of course) and start my stitching.  After about five stitches I make sure my bottom corners are still lined up and I hold them together till I get to the end of the square with my stitching.

If they don’t seem to be lining up (which they should if they were cut the same size), then I lift my presser foot with the needle down and pull the corners of the squares together.  Now holding the corners together I continue to sew.

Once at the end I press.  If I plan on quilting stitch in the ditch I press my seams to the side to offer more material layers for the stitching.  I actually quite like this type of quilt stitched this way.  I believe stitch in the ditch is rather under rated.  It really allows the design itself to shine.  However, if I choose to free motion ( I mean, pay someone else to kill their back), then I press my seams open.

I’ll leave the arguments of ironing seams open or to the side to people who care.  I find either way fine and easy enough to match seams.


I got some other things brewing that are on my camera, especially samples we’ve been producing at Fabric Crush, that I’ll share later.

We did receive a Thank You card from our little friend Darma for her birthday gift.  Had I know she was having ponies at the party I would have whipped up some Heather Ross, but I went with Fairies.


I love this line for making pillows. I’ve made it before in this colorway:


The details are sweet.


Wee man had to get into the scene.  Christmas in October highwaters…I suppose I should get around to sewing some new pjs for the kid.


I had been wanting to get a picture of our sunflowers this year and never got around to it.  They were as tall as the house.  Here they are in the background, heavy with seed.  Our resident squirrel, Hazel is very fat this year.

4036505936_95da4da5a5Happy Saturday!


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::Bird Lover Gifts::

We spent another lovely weekend on Whidbey Island thanks to our friend Carole loaning us her cabin in June.  She’s a bird lover.  Last year as a thank you I made her this birdie gift.


Carole’s English and my delightful bloggie friend Katy sent me some Liberty of London fabrics with birds.  Carole identified the fabric immediately.  Perfect for pillows.


I love the Carolina Chambray and the linen went perfectly to frame the wee bird.  This triple stitch around is becoming a favorite.


and the back.



Thanks for the fabric Katy.  I saved a bit, but now wish for a bird for my Flock Quilt if you can spare another that looks the same.  I’d love to do the same for my own.

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My dear friend has waited 51 years to meet the right man, and I was able to attend her bridal shower on Saturday.  We have a personal joke about aprons, so I made her my typical Lotta Jansdotter apron, and a HER and HIM pillow.  Her tastes are all over the map and she’s fun, so I went with this idea I had.  I loved how the lion is gazing at her.


There are some fabrics I used that I might perish when they are used up.  The Alexander Henry Sun Signs panel.  It’s impossible to find now.  I’ve used it before for this little girl birthday pillow. (BTW Does anyone know the name of the large purple flower fabric?)    And the Alexander Henry Decor fabric is a favorite for pillow backs.  It’s so versatile.



The Alexander Arvika in black and white…only bits left.

3738973686_1a736053c5The Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy Barbell in yellow that I traded most away for who knows what.  What was I thinking?  Not to mention the black and white little abstract squares with the lines…anyone know the name?

Oh, It’s just fabric, but you know when it speaks to you?

Like these two Amy Butler’s, draped together on my chair, waiting to go to a swap partner.  I was inspired.


Paired perfectly for my nine-patch.  I haven’t forgotten you either nine-patch.  I’ve been slowly collecting and swapping for the Amy Butler Charm that I didn’t have stashed.



Unfortunately, my one a day nine-patch is more of a two a month, but it’s working out for us.

Happy Monday!  I have to go work on Wedding Quilts.

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Occasionally,  fleetingly, I feel that I need a daughter.  But, only to have someone to sew this cute Mendocino fabric into frocks, and such for.  Thanks, but one boy (currently having a dragon battle in the sunshine patch in the living room) is plenty.  I’ll borrow the girls.

I bought a ton of the Mendocino line in batches when it was released.  I’m a huge fan.  It’s fueled me creatively through a few Christmas gifts, plus some birthdays.

Now it’s Rose’s Birthday.  Some detail of her pillow, pictured at the top of the post.

Apparently, her Far Far Away line is the last for a bit (due to contract issues).

Hope you all got a bit of sewing love in for the weekend.  My Stepping Stone quilt is coming along and I hope to have some photos up this week.  Off to make biscuits!

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::This Week::

How can it be Thursday?

My biggest accomplishment this week?  I actually vacuumed my home from top to bottom, all 600 and some feet of it…AND cleaned the bathroom including the dreaded tub.  When I start to notice the cobwebs, you know it’s bad.  I used to be such a good housekeeper until I started sewing.

Very little sewing actually happened this week because of my growing list of neglected duties.  My Mom’s birthday is May Day, so I did whip up a little zippered pouch for her yesterday.  I’ll pop some photos in it of her Grandchild, and her 70s prescription sunglasses that I found in a coat pocket here…no, maybe I’ll do her a favor and not let her know I found those.  Believe me they have not come back in style.

My mother, who is also a quilter, and I have VERY DIFFERENT tastes in fabric, so I hope she likes it.

I also bought this pillow at the local grocery.  My original idea was to copy it and take it back, but sometimes it’s just easier to be the purchaser.  I would like to copy it sometime though.

I love the stitching.  The quality of the construction, fabric and insert is rather shocking actually.  I’m sure I don’t want to know the manufacturing ethics behind it.

It will actually live in our bedroom with these pillows.  It will go lovely with the Citron walls, or excuse me, “Cumin Spice.”

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My package of fabric for Katy’s (I’m a Ginger Monkey) block was the large birds you see above, and some wee birds.  This left me some room to dig around in my own stash for additional fabrics for her block.

I initially made Katy’s initial block with the birds and the rain surrounded by the border of red.  I liked how simple it was, but it kept saying, “pillow” to me every time I would take a gander it.  Plus, I hadn’t managed to use the other little birds fabric I had received in it.  I couldn’t help myself.

So finally I asked Katy if she would like a pillow.  Turns out Katy’s little girl has a bird themed room, had picked out the fabric,  and has a thing for pillows.  Now it really screamed pillow.  I added the Amy Bulter red moon dots and a wee border.  You can see the wee bird fabric peeking out there in the corner.

I serged some muslin to the front and back panels, and installed an invisible zipper.

And then her block for the Bee:

It measures rather small, maybe 6×7.  I thought it looked quite sweet that way.

I was extremely pleased with it as well.  To boot it has been high 60s here in Seattle, so this Spring feeling block was so appropriate!  I have quite loved others blocks for Katy and can’t wait to see what she is going to do.

P.S.  I’ve had a lot of inquiry on the maker of the bird fabric.  Katy got the info to me: Wendy Slotboom, Feathered Friends and she thinks it’s Timeless Treasures.  The rain fabric is Alexander Henry “Rain Drop Stripe.”

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Remember WAYYYYYY back in the Winter I talked about this project and my photos?

flyerlarge-1(Photos by David Butler and used with permission of Electric Quilts.  You can click on the image to see some of Amy Bulter’s projects that will be in this software!)

Amy Butler’s collaboration with Electric Quilts will be out May 15.  Included, from my understanding, is a photo gallery showcasing some sewing done with Amy Butler’s fabrics by “normal, everyday sewers.”  Some of the photos and projects featured will be from Your’s Truly!

Does this woman ever sit still?  I’ve also heard through friends that have met her that she is actually a very nice person to boot.

It’s kinda come full circle.  I’ve always been surrounded by fabric, because my Mother always sewed.  But, it was Amy Butler’s fabrics that first enchanted me to the fabric buying world and sewing, and onward to a passionate part of my life.

Now all I want her to do is release the Nigella Line in quilting cotton.

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