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I’ve been wanting to change my blog name for quite some time.  My original name of Metrosupial Designs was so appropriate for making baby slings and living in the city.  Then I experienced sling burnout, and moved onto Willy-Nilly for lack of any other light bulb moments.  Willy-Nilly seemed fitting for my flitty way of moving back and forth between interests in my sewing.  Moving your whole blog to another name provides your mind with ridiculous thoughts like, will anyone move with me and why do I care?

My graphic designer/ wonderful family member George of Warp Graphics provided me with my awesome logo for Metrosupial Designs.  It’s pretty fun to work through this process and George’s first example for my new name, Sew Katie Did made me laugh, so I’m putting it out there.  Too morbid?  Just funny.  It will be interesting to see it’s evolution, and if anyone will join me at my new site.



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::You Busy Too?::

I swear I’m here, and I’m not sitting on the couch smoking and eating bon bons…maybe drinking a beer…mmmm beer.

I am loving Summer.

*I love our neighborhood crazy Summer Solstice Parade complete with naked bicyclists.

*I love this little man who just turned FIVE!  Maybe it’s time to stop calling him Boo.

*I’ve been running like mad and loving it (Sorry, no sweaty picture).

*I am loving how the wedding quilt is coming together and might have photos tomorrow.

*Lastly, I love Mipham’s spoken word, you will too I promise :

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I’m on track, the quilt top is pieced and sandwiched. Then I stall. What’s a crafty person to do when they have a deadline to quilt and bind a quilt?…start some new projects of course.

First Roan’s little friend was turning five. Her mom is crafty as all get out. So Saturday before the party I did this pillow. Cancel out Saturday.

I had started piecing some squares for Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl Quilt. I dug through my scraps and collected a bunch of Amy Butler for my first ring.

I was happy to be done with one complete ring. I learned some new quilting skills for sure. Truthfully, I’ll be lucky if I can get four total with my attention span. Four would make a baby quilt and make me happy.

Sunday I quilted a few squares, and thought that I should finally get to that lounge pant pattern I have had for about three years. Roan would love it right?

The first pair with the monkeys were ok. I hate it when the cuff is sewn though and not encased. So I made another pair with some Star Wars flannel that Roan requested. I top-stitched the zig-zagged seams and made the legs less tapered. Still not exactly what I wanted, but I had to put the project aside to quilt.

Monday through Thursday I was really good at going for a run and piddling away the day. Quilted some squares here and there. Here it is Sunday and I have finally finished the sixteen squares and picked out some fabric for aprons instead of doing the binding. There’s always the plane right?

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Project Weekend

We finally did it, or should I say Jeffrey did… the layers of linoleum are gone from the kitchen floor. Revealing the original fir. Great except for the layers of ancient glue and that fir is really soft. Even our idea of high-gloss floor paint won’t do. Back to tile.

I was very thrilled to put it lightly, that Jeffrey made me a window box for my kitchen window! I told Jeffrey it was the BEST gift anyone had ever made me. The flowers don’t look great from the outside yet because they need to grow a bit. Here’s a peak from the inside.

The floor destruction was inspirational for me to finally put some of the Amy Butler Nigella up on my bulletin board that will be in my pantry of the kitchen. I love my pantry, it even has a window in it. I used button covers and made thumbtacks to match.

Here’s the little squares that I cut today to make myself some dishtowels. Mmmm…love the colors. I recently, I mean my husband, painted my kitchen “Timothy Straw” by Benjamin Moore and it changes throughout the day.

I loved the domestic weekend. There really is no reason to leave Seattle during the Summer.

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Summer Solstice

The rain stayed at bay through out the weekend to the delight of us Seattelites. We dwell in the Fremont neighborhood which for the past 37 years has celebrated the Solstice with a fair.  The Fremont Arts Council has been the sponsor of this annual event, ending poverty is the fund raising goal.

We generally start the day with a brunch amongst friends.  I get rave reviews for the Asparagus Prosciutto Strata.  A few too many beers at a party kept us from preparing this the night before and sticking it in the frig, but it sure makes entertaining easy-just pop it in the oven that morning.

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It’s official, no longer is the month of June in existence in Seattle. My brother-in-law commented that at work they are referring to it a Junuary and it has stuck. I stacked the wool blankets on a sunny afternoon over a month ago thinking (dreamin’) that the long Winter and cool Spring had bid it’s farewell. Boy was I wrong…we still have the heat on. They sure are pretty though and hopefully this picture, and the sun that is shining outside is “Adios” to them and the warmth they have provided till next season.

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