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I’ve been rather absent from here with the trail of family and friends visiting.  Our annual visit from the Northern Irish side of the family was too short, and all 7 of us coexisted in our tiny house wonderfully.


I’m not sure the name of this fabric.  I pick up FQs of this type when I go to fabric shops in travels that aren’t quite my style.

I am hoping to make this quilt:




So, as my Sunday Swap I am offering 28/6-inch squares of this feedsack 30’s feeling fabric.




I am looking for much of the same in different colors to finish the quilt.  Perhaps some larger prints.  It requires 48/6-inch prints total.  Perhaps someone is interested in making it too.  I could add a copy of the directions.


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Last week’s Sunday Stash was Amy Butler’s Sunbloom Fabric with tulips.  A sort of celebration to Spring and the lovely weather we have been experiencing in the Northwest.

The past week has brought the reality of Spring for me home.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Spring for me personally,  ALLERGIES….Urghhhhh.

In honor of those trees that signify with their amazing blooms, and the mesmerizing snowing of blossoms the arrival of Spring, , I give you a display of their beauty when they aren’t blooming…in fact the polar opposite, tree rings.

I love this fabric.  Found quite on the cheap in various E-Bay shops.  I used it to make my friend Eli’s Flagstaff Wedding Quilt last Fall.

2957325512_d417d60900I can’t believe it is already Sunday (ok, woops…I gained a day, it’s Saturday.  Why did I think it was Sunday?).  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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dsc_0082Sandy Henderson’s Farmer’s Market Henna Garden.

I was able to use the red of this line in my first block for the Cottage Quilting Bee.  It wasn’t something I would have picked up in the store.  I fell in love with it, and as you can see a bit of it made it into my stash.

I’m going to try to stick with Sunday Stash as my reminder that I really don’t need anymore fabric, and that there will always be something out there that I must have.

I’m sure everyone in the world, but me, has know about The Fabric Shopper.

Our relationship via RSS injection was short lived.

It started with Quilting Arts having their “Luck of the Irish 50% off Sale.  Hey, I’m Irish, and I “needed” some solids for an upcoming wedding quilt…

Then, today I spot Alexander Henry’s April Showers line on one of the sites showcased.  I’ve seen it in town and it has that nice feel, you know, like Heather Ross’ somewhat, and the graphics are to die for.

I all a sudden think I “need” it.

So I cut the line.  I’m “unsubscribed.”  I don’t need ANY influence when it comes to buying fabric.  I admit it, I’m fully addicted.  I do ocationally lapse and stop in for the fabulous giveaway information.

Plus, it takes up time I really could be sewing, or hanging out with my kid, who seems particularly needy right now.

So I’m trying to remember to:

dsc_00601(Print by Nicki McClure, don’t look at this link if you are tying to save money.)

…and I picked up some fabric from my stash to make a receiving blanket, because there’s a new baby on the planet!  This Moda flannel is a favorite, and I always oh and ah over the cozability of it.  It truly is baby soft.  The mushrooms are surprisingly from Joanns.  The picture does no justice.  I wanted this blanket for myself.

Hope you’re having a good Sunday!


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Hi there, the Value Quilt Tutorial is now found here.

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My Grandmother was Irish.  When she passed my mom cooked for my Grandfather daily.  He was German.  I’ve eaten my lifetime supply of cabbage and potato dishes, so I’ll opt for my favorite Irish Soda Bread recipe in celebration of the date.  This, however, doesn’t mean I won’t eat my weight tonight in cabbage soaked in white vinegar at my host’s house.

The recipe is from Saveur Magazine’s March 2001 issue.  I’ve always baked it in a butter cast iron with a little more flour mixed in.  I like Golden Raisins in it, but forgot to put them in this loaf.

My first memory of baking it was before a road trip down to Tucson from Flagstaff.  Not sure why I chose Soda Bread.  It certainly doesn’t invoke thoughts of the desert, maybe it was St. Patrick’s Day and I just have no recollection.

Other Greens I’m Loving:

*Here’s my new favorite easy easy easy Green Pasta recipe from Dishing Up.

*Here’s my new favorite Green Quilt.

I also thought it a fine day to photograph the green fabric in my stash, since, of course it would be at the end of my rainbow.

Fat Quarters:



And the yardage:


What’s at the end of your rainbow today?

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I use to travel.  My friend and I would pack up our bikes and dog.  Drive three days into Mexico, until we reached the sleepy little fishing village of Troncones (which is not so sleepy anymore).

I loved the mercados and would search for the perfect things to take home.  Oilcloth that was not the standard prints you would find in the states was one of the obsessions.  I loved the vibrant purples and oranges.

I have some other fabrics I will share another day.  So wish I was the crazy fabric addicted person then, that I am now.  I’m sure I’d have some beauties added to the stash.

What made me think of the oilcloth is Anna Maria Horner’s newest line.  Has anyone felt Anna Maria Horner’s new oilcloth?  It’s like butter.  My friend constructed Amy Butler’s Sunhat (Blue Sky) pattern in it the other day.  Very appropriate for Seattle.  No one carries an umbrella here.

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I’ve gifted, and been gifted these Midair Earrings.  The Etsy Seller, The Intuitive Garden, has a modern spin with organic images.   I now have more than a few of her items in my favorites for wishful thinking.

I don’t think I’ve ever received so many compliments on a pair of earrings.  They are a stunning, and present pair.   Never getting lost in my bird’s nest of curls.  Bonus, they are light as a feather.  Did I mention AFFORDABLE?

Check out her other items:il_75x75279597343




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