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I’ve been brewing a while on an idea of a quilt along for my Value Quilt Tutorial.  I think the time has come.

And because even the longest journey begins with a single step (or steps in this quilt), I thought I’d give you all a heads-up and some planning time before we all jump in.

What you’ll need:

* Quilting Wall: You will need to see your work from a distance on this one.  Value is best determined from a distance.  Vertically seeing your work will help a lot.  Buy one or craft yourself one.  Blair of Wisecraft does it well here.  I suppose you could make do without, but try for one.  It will be indispensable to you once you’ve used it.  Even a flannel sheet will work.  I just tack mine to the wall.

*Mass array of fabrics: Lights, medium and dark in value.  Cut into squares (I’m doing 6-inch).  Take a good look at your stash.  You most likely have a lot that are medium in value. This is the time to hit the fabric swap groups, or buy those FQs you’ve always wanted!  Try to fill in the gaps by buying the values you don’t have much of.  Start cutting!

*Amount of fabrics: I will be doing 12 rows up and 12 across for a family sized quilt.  Two squares will make two identical squares.  For less of a commitment try a baby quilt.

*Square template (6-inch or smaller).

*The rest is the usual quilting stuff.


There are some examples on the  Values Quilt Flickr Group.  Some are less “distracting” in their use of print and use a solid as the light.  For those of you with less stash this might be a good start.

You are also not stuck to the diamond shape of my example.  By switching the squares around you could easily create a different look.  Maybe light and dark lines?  I was thinking of perhaps making a bunch of squares and then sashing them.  Similar to these I made for the Ten Make Two Bee:





Let me know if you want to jump in with me!  Join here.


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I’ve been rather absent from here with the trail of family and friends visiting.  Our annual visit from the Northern Irish side of the family was too short, and all 7 of us coexisted in our tiny house wonderfully.


I’m not sure the name of this fabric.  I pick up FQs of this type when I go to fabric shops in travels that aren’t quite my style.

I am hoping to make this quilt:




So, as my Sunday Swap I am offering 28/6-inch squares of this feedsack 30’s feeling fabric.




I am looking for much of the same in different colors to finish the quilt.  Perhaps some larger prints.  It requires 48/6-inch prints total.  Perhaps someone is interested in making it too.  I could add a copy of the directions.

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::Value Quilt Class::

Just a quick post to let you quilters (or want to quilt people) in the Seattle area know that I will be teaching a Values Quilt Class at the Quilting Loft in Ballard on July 9th.  The class will run from 6-9pm.

This quilt is a great way to use up scraps, but a great excuse to buy bunches of FQs that you love.  I also have kits available if you don’t have such a large variety.

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My favorite quilt so far.

My scrap bins were a bit out of control. One night I started cutting 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 rectangles from them.   I was fairly new to quilting, and needed a simple design to challenge my skills of meeting up corners.

After a few evenings of cutting scraps, I purchased Last-minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, and saw this picture of a color wheel.  I was fueled in a new direction than just random placement.  Design is my favorite part of quilting, so I really enjoyed the process of this quilt.  I liked how the off-white made the colors of the prints pop, and the coin quilt construction gave me an opportunity to showcase some wee bits of favorite fabrics.

I had to cut into my stash for a few to really make it work, but stuck mostly to my scraps. After a few late nights of cutting, rearranging, drinking beer and watching too much HGTV, I had it placed and ready to piece. The back is a flannel green dot by Amy Butler that is in the Charm Collection I believe.

Now it is in the possession of this wee cutie pie. Wanna make your own, but don’t have overwhelming scrap bins. Try Purl Soho’s Colorwheel Fat Quarters, or Etsy for some scrap bags.

There has been such a wonderful response to this quilt on Flickr.   It is certainly my most “favorited” quilt on Flickr.  I formed a Colorway Quilt Group.   If you create a Colorway Coin Quilt, I would love to see it!  I hope to make a larger one someday.


Thanks to Park City Girl for putting together the Quilt Festival 2009.  It has been wonderful to see the quilting/blogging community’s quilts on display, and see new quilters I hadn’t know about.  Some people are so clever!  Just click on the icon if you wish to see more!

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Kaffe Fasset Clouds

It’s actually Saturday, not Sunday for me.  It’s raining.  I shouldn’t even be posting, I need to be getting ready for our friends from Alaska to arrive.  Four fun filled days of eating, drinking and cohabitating in my 700 square foot house with 5 other people.

It involves packing up the studio part of my “Livudio” (that’s what we call our living room/studio).

I’ve had some “drafts” for wedding quilts happening in the Livudio.

The Kaffe Fasset Clouds, and the Jewel tone Carolina Chambray above, I will make into a wedding quilt, perfect for their room.  The idea came easy, and I’ve stuck with it.  The design will be similar to this one last Fall, but the clouds will be center stage of the squares.  Sashing will be the vibrant, rich red.


I’ve also been messing with some ideas for a wedding quilt that needs to be finished by Fall.  Nothing is concrete yet, except for the colors.  I went with blue, green and gray.


I’ve been very inspired by quilts with green lately, and gray is lovely in so much right now.  Especially inspiring for me right now are this, this and this.

I’m big on just cutting, sewing and seeing what works.  A million ideas go through my head before the final collimation of a quilt.  I guess I’ve mostly always done what’s now called Improvisation quilting.

Here’s some peeks.  Have a good weekend!


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Remember WAYYYYYY back in the Winter I talked about this project and my photos?

flyerlarge-1(Photos by David Butler and used with permission of Electric Quilts.  You can click on the image to see some of Amy Bulter’s projects that will be in this software!)

Amy Butler’s collaboration with Electric Quilts will be out May 15.  Included, from my understanding, is a photo gallery showcasing some sewing done with Amy Butler’s fabrics by “normal, everyday sewers.”  Some of the photos and projects featured will be from Your’s Truly!

Does this woman ever sit still?  I’ve also heard through friends that have met her that she is actually a very nice person to boot.

It’s kinda come full circle.  I’ve always been surrounded by fabric, because my Mother always sewed.  But, it was Amy Butler’s fabrics that first enchanted me to the fabric buying world and sewing, and onward to a passionate part of my life.

Now all I want her to do is release the Nigella Line in quilting cotton.

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Hi there, the Value Quilt Tutorial is now found here.

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